Nicolas Schneider

Indie Game Developer


Below you'll find all my project, finished or active. Most of them are open source so feel free to have a look and to ask question by email.


I'm Nicolas Schneider, a game lover who love to understand how they're made. Currently a student at the SAE Institute of Genveva, I'm the king of guy who love doing technical stuff, the one working with AI, procedural generation.

Younger I've always dreamt of doing my own video game, but I find it too difficulty and I had no process to do them. So I started working with HTML & CSS when I was 10. Bit by bit I began to use PHP and thus begin a more complexe programmation style. Year laters I went to the EPFL, I stayed one year then left. It was not suiting me, I wanted to do someting more visual. I Found the SAE Institute Geneva the following year and became a gameplay programmer.

Since then I fall in love with the indi part of video game making and started to do as much as possible game jams. I also start working on different projects aside to the school.


Find me here: